Tough™ 5EC Herbicide Granted for Emergency Use in Mint

Engage Agro – a member of the Belchim Group, is pleased to announce that Tough™ 5EC Herbicide (Pyridate) has been granted a Section 18 Emergency Use Exemption in the United States for post emergent control of herbicide resistant weeds in mint in several counties in the states of: Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. The Section 18 is valid through August 31, 2017.

Tough™ 5EC (Pyridate) is a selective herbicide for post-emergence control or suppression of actively growing annual broadleaf weeds in mint. This product, made of the active ingredient pyridate, is recommended to be used on a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds with excellent efficacy on difficult to control weeds such as Kochia, Lambsquarters, Pigweeds and Nightshades.

Over the past several growing seasons, herbicide resistant weeds have been negatively impacting mint yields (up to 25%). Mint growers were excited to get this emergency use tool for post emergent broad leaf weed control in the 2017 season. “We are happy to be a part of the efforts to bring this product to our customers in mint production, Steve Stansell, United States Country Manager says. Thanks to the support of the Mint Industry Research Council, and key university member support in each state, we were able to meet the emergency needs of the mint growers.” Dirk Putteman, CEO of Belchim Crop Protection adds “We look forward to supporting our USA business unit in their 2017 efforts. Belchim globally owns the molecule pyridate and country by country, we will continue to support the registration and product development efforts of pyridate based products.”

The Section 18 Emergency Use Exemption comes as a result of the efforts of state registration specialists, specialist at the Mint Industry Research Council (MIRC) as well as members of Engage Agro. State specific labels can be found on the Engage Agro USA website

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