Belchim Crop Protection acquires Proagro GmbH

Belchim Crop Protection, based in Londerzeel, Belgium, extends its agrochemical business in Germany by purchasing a 100 % shareholding position in Proagro GmbH, located in Abenberg, Germany. Belchim will further enhance Proagro’s strong and successful track record by providing high-quality and innovative solutions for plant protection with a focus on special crops, like ornamentals, strawberries and top fruits such as apples and cherries

Belchim Crop Protection, a globally expanding corporation, bought all shares of Proagro GmbH. Belchim already has offices in Burgdorf, Germany. But with this acquisition Belchim invests in a stronger market position while zooming in on high value crops. For more than 15 years Proagro has operated independently with headquarters in Abenberg. Besides Germany, Proagro developed business in other European markets like Italy, Austria and Poland. As result of the buyout, there will be a strong synergy between the existing and the pipeline products from Belchim and the newly acquired portfolio from Proagro in fruits, vegetable crops and ornamentals.

Dirk Putteman, CEO of Belchim Crop Protection is pleased with this new opportunity: “I am convinced of the strong synergy with our own innovative solutions in special crops. These days they require a specific approach based on IPM-Systems (Integrated Pest Management) including conventional and bioactive products. Belchim Crop Protection will become a German leader in high value crops.” Stefan Conradt, who will lead Proagro, added: “Belchim is confident of the business concept and the competence of the Proagro management and their staff.” Dieter Frieß, former co-owner of Proagro, is delighted that Belchim will further develop the successful market launch of Proagro by providing high-quality and innovative solutions for plant protection in special crops.

About Belchim Crop Protection NV

Since 1987 Belchim Crop Protection NV has empowered farmers through innovative crop protection products and high-end technical support. Founded in Belgium, it is a globally expanding company with sales of €460 Mio in 2016. With innovative products, a high level of technical support and a focus on development, registration and commercialization, Belchim offers unique agrochemical solutions for today and tomorrow. To learn more about Belchim, please visit

About Proagro GmbH

Proagro GmbH markets environmentally-friendly special products for applications in agriculture. It develops and produces its product portfolio in close cooperation with its exclusive partner. Proagro GmbH focuses on the introduction of new, ecological and balanced products in top fruits and special crops, based on natural compounds and processes. To read more about Proagro GmbH, please visit

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